Manipulating 3D Printed Microscale Springs
High-Precision Collaboration Demonstrates Possibilities of Microscale 3D Printing
16 February, 2023 by
Manipulating 3D Printed Microscale Springs
Edward White
The top of a 3D printed copper microscale spring, being contacted by a robotic prober.
 Imina Technologies’ miBot™ prober tip in contact with the top of a microspring 3D printed by Exaddon, inside the ThermoFisher Scientific™ Phenom™ XL G2 Desktop SEM.

How to contact and manipulate microscale metal structures? 

Whether academic research or industrial-scale quality control, microelectronic applications require contacting and probing, yet this requires great technical precision. 

Exaddon, Imina Technologies, and ThermoFisher Scientific joined forces to create fascinating images demonstrating the exact manipulation of microscale metal springs. 3D printed by Exaddon and imaged using a Thermo Fisher desktop SEM, the springs were subject to precise mechanical manipulation by a robotic prober from Imina.

The project showcased the expertise of all three companies; the top contact area of the 3D printed spring measured just 15 µm in diameter, and thus needed high-precision equipment to mechanically manipulate it. The manipulation process was captured within the streamlined desktop Phenom SEM.

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Manipulating 3D Printed Microscale Springs
Edward White 16 February, 2023
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