Exaddon at SWTest USA 2024
Introducing 3D Printed Probes to the Microelectronic Testing Industry in the USA
2 July, 2024 by
Exaddon at SWTest USA 2024
Edward White

Following Exaddon's attendance and award-winning presentation at SWTest Asia last year, we were invited to speak at SWTest USA, the foremost microelectronic wafer and die level testing conference in the USA.

Here Exaddon CEO Edgar Hepp presents his thoughts and thanks about the trip:

Exaddon Back at SWTest - This Time in the USA

It feels like a very short time since we announced the game-changing technology “3D printed probes” at SWTest Asia in Hsinchu, Taiwan in November 2023. Though just six months ago, we have since made big steps forward in development, and again secured a coveted presentation slot in front of several hundred conference attendees, this time at SWTest San Diego 2024. Thank you to the SWTest team for providing us with this opportunity!

Presenting a Customer-Ready Testing Application

Dr. Wabe Koelmans presented the development steps from our initial R&D tested probes towards a real customer testing application on a production wafer, which has brought a lot of attention to our new probe technology. 

The technological improvements demonstrated have been fostered and supported by multiple partners; Synergie Cad Group providing the probe card and probe head, Advantest providing the EVA 100 measurement system and their unique PEMP (photo electrical massive parallel) testing unit, and finally MPI Corporation, providing the MPI C1 Probe Station. Thank you all for your support and for believing in our technology, helping us to push the boundaries of testing to a new level!

Fantastic Exchanges with Industry Experts

A conference like the SWTest enables various exchanges on different topics and levels. For Exaddon, it was hugely insightful to learn more about probe cleaning options from Stevon Scott and Brian Green from Entegris, fine pitch requirements from Frank Poehl and Ryo Usui from MJC Electronics Corporation, and about special applications from FormFactor, htt Group, and NXP Semiconductors

Learning from many other important industry players is of enormous value for our further development - a special thanks goes to Joseph Parks Jr from Intel Corporation for passing by our booth and sharing Intel’s future testing needs with us.

To all the other contacts and exchanges not specifically mentioned in this post, thank you for taking part in this event and supporting the 3D printed probes technology by advising, hinting, and even placing direct RFQs.

Looking Forward to SWTest 2025!

There are many great reasons why we will be here again! Great organization by the SWTest crew (and especially by Jerry Broz), super presentations, talks and exchanges, the pretty hotel, resort and of course super tasty and healthy food provided by the Omni La Costa Resort.

See you next time!

Exaddon at SWTest USA 2024
Edward White 2 July, 2024
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