Exaddon 3D Printed Probes Receive Great Media Coverage
Much Industry Interest and Coverage around Exaddon's Semiconductor Probe Testing Application
5 December, 2023 by
Exaddon 3D Printed Probes Receive Great Media Coverage
Edward White

MicroLED and Display Manufacturers Interested

The promise of accessing smaller pitches and with greater precision has definitely struck a chord with companies involved in microLED, with many enquiries from the biggest names in display manufacturing raining into our inbox! For Exaddon, this further reinforces the excellent feedback to our award-winning presentation at SW Test Asia in November 2023. 

This is a great first step in the launch of Exaddon's industrial application, and shows a demand from the display industry for innovation in testing. The potential impact of 3D microprinted probes for semiconductor testing is clearly well understood, and advances possible in microLED, WAT, and CIS testing have huge implications for chip design and test alike. 

Promise of 3D Microprinted Probes Goes Big

The news of Exaddon's 3D microprinted probes for semiconductor probe testing has been very well received by industry media outlets across additive manufacturing, microLED, and display, with the likes of MicroLED-info, MetalAM, VoxelMatters, and 3DPrint all featuring the news on their homepages, as well as their email newsletters. 

For additive manufacturing, this is proof that micro AM can move beyond being "just" an enabling technology for fundamental research (as it has widely become, from 2PP to metals), and that it can take its place as a genuine innovation in a 500bn USD industry. 

As always, our thanks to the various editors and media staff for featuring Exaddon's developments and helping to spread the word of 3D microprinting innovation!

Exaddon 3D Printed Probes Receive Great Media Coverage
Edward White 5 December, 2023
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