Exaddon in AMpower Metal AM Technology Landscape
18 April, 2023 by
Exaddon in AMpower Metal AM Technology Landscape
Edward White

Where does Exaddon sit within the wider AM Technology Landscape?

AMPOWER Insights have published the 2023 version of their long-running "Metal Additive Manufacturing technology landscape", and the graphic is worth some close consideration.

Despite the many densely populated categories present, Exaddon can be found in the bottom left corner with the label of "Other".

Why is that, when categories such as laser beam powder bed fusion (PBF) are crammed full of system providers?

Well, for a start, the simple mechanics involved determine the application of a given 3D printing method. Laser PBF is hugely popular not least because it has widespread suitability in macroscale applications.

However, in the lower end of the microscale regime where Exaddon specializes, it is wholly unsuitable. Some of the feedstock powders used in PBF have particles 40 µm in diameter; that's over 40x bigger than the resolution of our CERES system!

The Need for µAM at the Cutting Edge

Microscale additive manufacturing applications, such as printing neural implants on pre-patterned chips, require extraordinarily accurate and precisely regulated print technology.

That is why we have developed a unique method of highly localized electrodeposition. That is why our Iontip printing nozzle has an aperture just 300 nm in diameter, and the local flow of print ink can be less than 1 picoliter per second (that's less than one trillionth of a liter!).

Cutting-edge applications require similarly cutting-edge solutions, and that is exactly what Exaddon is focused on.

A 3x3 array of copper micropillars for use as neural implants, 3D printed with Exaddon's CERES system.
Exaddon in AMpower Metal AM Technology Landscape
Edward White 18 April, 2023
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